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There is no one running against Judge Baillargeon in this election. This web-site is for informational and educational purposes only pending the completion of the election season. Judge Baillargeon would like to thank Allegan County for the trust and confidence placed in him by allowing him to continue to serve the citizens of Allegan County as District Court Judge.

Tough on Crime. I work hard to enforce the rule of law in my court room and by doing so have earned the respect and support of many in the law enforcement community throughout the county.

, a point which is supported by his record and can be verified by other judges and prosecutors.

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Law Enforcement Supporters   See the Sheriff's Letter of Recognition 2011
Lt. Frank Baker
Jim Hull, Undersheriff
Chief Bill Bomar, Plainwell Public Safety sheriff
Jamie Commissaris, Deputy
Greg Drobny, Trooper
Jay Gibson, A.P.D.
Chief Ken Giles, Saugatuck/Douglas Police
H. Dennis & Merri Gorr
Chris & Amanda S. Haverdink
Fire Chief Cal Haverdink, Graafschap Fire Department
Fire Chief Joe Miller, Wayland Fire Department
Fire Chief Bruce Hoyer, Allegan Fire Department
Dan Hoffman, Deputy
Chief Rick Hoyer, Allegan City Police
Chief Gordon Konkle, Otsego Police
Martin Mendall, Deputy
Chief Dan Miller, Wayland City Police Department
Shannon Seckler, Dept. Corrections
John N. Wilson, Court Officer, Former Deputy Sheriff, Former Mayor of City of Allegan
Marty Mendel, Allegan County Sheriff Department
J.P. Damveld, Deputy Allegan County Sherifsf Department

Allegan Drug Treatment CourtAllegan County Adult Drug Treatment Court
Over a year in planning, the Allegan Drug Treatment Court team is made up of dedicated members of a wide spectrum of departments and agencies. Judge William Baillargeon led the efforts to develop the court, convening many meetings during pre-court hours and over lunch hours to develop policies and procedures to get a treatment court in place. Shelly Kengis brought her experience from Kalamazoo's Drug Treatment Court to the committee. Nyla Merril, an original member of the team, picked up where Ms. Kengis left off, and together with Steve Walker provides close supervision to participants to make sure they fully comply with all aspects of the court's requirements. The Prosecutor's Office participated with committed volunteers working on the project from the start as have individuals from the Defense Bar. The Department of Corrections officers (particularly Shannon Seckler) and the Sheriff's Department were instrumental in identifying specific needs, focused training opportunities and resources to ensure the court would be able to efficiently and effectively address the core needs of the court participants. Even treatment and counseling service providers worked on the court planning committee.

The Drug Treatment Court program will dramatically impact the lives of individuals whose crimes relate to being ensnarled in substance abuse and dependency. The eighteen-month program includes an initial phase of incarceration, during which time the participants are acquainted with the program and their responsibilities and expectations within it. The five phases of the program stress recovery and consecutive days of being clean and sober. Those graduating from the program will be able to proudly proclaim that they have been free of substances, drugs or alcohol, for months while at the same time learning skills to deal issues that arise in daily life during recovery.

Initial funding provided through the Lakeshore Coordinating Council allowed the program to get off the ground and start to take in participants. Commissioners Terry Burns and Paul Van Eck were instrumental in obtaining the support of LCC, they distinguished themselves as being keenly aware of the needs for the drug treatment court and the population that it strives to serve. Together with Commissioners Burns and Van Eck, the other members of the Board of Commissioners have been expressly supportive as well. It should be noted that Allegan County is not being asked to contribute any of the funding for this program. The LCC grant only utilizes tax money collected from liquor sales within the County; none of the money for this program comes from the Allegan County budget that the commissioners have worked so hard to reduce.

This Court strives to save lives, not only of the participants, but also of potential future victims of crimes associated with substance abuse. It is a bonus that the program is not only effective, but that it also has been consistently shown to save money.

Mental Health Treatment Court
Judge Baillargeon participated in the planning committee for the Mental Health Treatment Court currently running in the 57th District Court. This is a program that is funded by special grants provided to Allegan County Sheriff Department and the Allegan City Police Department. The planning committee composed of representatives from the Court, the Michigan State Police, Allegan City Police Department, Allegan County Sheriff Department, Community Mental Health, the Prosecutors office, the defense bar and concerned members of the community, in particular many within the faith based community. This program provides the courts with tools to address community concerns while providing alternatives to incarceration for individuals that are in need of mental health services and monitoring. Making sure that individuals maintain their therapy and/or medications while participating in this program is a benefit to the individual and his or her family, but also lessens the burden on local law enforcement and the jail staff, and preserves the safety and security of the community.

Methamphetamine Diversion Program
The Allegan County Sheriff's Department and  the Prosecutors office  worked with members of the Circuit Court probation officers and developed one of the most innovative and successful programs in existence to address the tragic effects of meth addiction. Judge Baillargeon was proud to work with these individuals and witnessed the successes that they have gained in transforming the lives of individuals ravaged by this addiction. For more information on this program you are invited to go to the Allegan County Sheriff's Department site  and access "A Way Out" video located under the spotlight section of the page. 

Sheriffs Letter of Recognition