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There is no one running against Judge Baillargeon in this election. This web-site is for informational and educational purposes only pending the completion of the election season. Judge Baillargeon would like to thank Allegan County for the trust and confidence placed in him by allowing him to continue to serve the citizens of Allegan County as District Court Judge.

All persons coming before me are treated with respect and dignity. Attorneys from both sides of cases will tell you that I treat everyone fairly and equally.

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County Officals Supporters
Terry Burns, Allegan County Commissioners
Tom Clark, Allegan City Mayor
Jon Campbell, Allegan County Commissioners
Mark DeYoung, Chairman,Allegan County Commissioners
Don Flowers, Trustee, Martin
Tommie Giles, Supervisor, Clyde Township
Tom Gilmer, Mayor of Otsego
John Hebert, Supervisor, Ganges Township
Bill Hess, Saugatuck City Council
Tom Jessup, Allegan County Commissioners
Larry "Casey" Jones, Chairman, Allegan County Commissioners
Dean Kapenga, Commissioner
Gary Melvin, former Allegan County Commissioner
James Pitsch, Supervisor, Salem Township
Paul VanEck, Allegan County Commissioner
Max Thiele, Alleagn County Commissioner
Daniel Rastall, Mayor, Fennvile
Fritz Spreitzer, Allegan County Commissioners
Paul VanEck, Allegan County Commissioners
Roger Van Volkinberg, Supervisor, Wayland Township
Tim Bala Mayor of Wayland
Jon Campbell
Tom & Linda Clark
Jan Collins
Richard Brooks, Mayor of Plainwell
Jane Verplank, Mayor of Saugatuck
Jim Wiley, Mayor of Douglas
Mary "Rusty" Dutkiewicz, Dorr
Mimi Gabriel, Non-profit community work
Tony Garafolo, Former Allegan County Republican Chair
Mary Kasprzyk, Non-profit community work
Cal Klokkert, Hamilton
Theresa Lynn ,Non-profit community work
Louis "Snuffy" Schmidt, Dorr
Art Shook, Former Martin School Board President
Eric Smith, Douglas City Council
M. J. Smith, Commander U.S. Coast Guard, retired
Pat Staley
Bil Brown, Supervisor of Valley Township
Tammy VanHaitsma, Supervisor of Dorr Township
Steve Schultz, Supervisor, Allegan Township
Becky Rininger, Allegan County Drain Commissioner
Harvey Jipping Trustee, Overisel Township
Steve Miller, Supervisor, Lee Township
Christopher Reinhart, Supervisor, Monterey Township
Terri Kelly, Supervisor, Trowbridge Township
David Smalla, Trustee, Trowbridge Township
Cathy Boysen, Trustee (former), Trowbridge Township
Candy Adriansen, Supervisor, Watson Township
Dan Miller, Chief of Police, City of Wayland
Hank Fuhs
Dr. Paul and Vicki Hodge
Alan Querback, Treasurer of Trowbridge Township

Attorney Supporters
James "Mike" McEwen, Esq.
James Burnett, Esq.
Stephan Kastran, Esq.
Emily Hill, Esq.
Michael Hill, Esq.
Kim Kotowski, Esq.
Roy Hebert, Esq.
Diane Goller, Esq.
Kelly Paige, Esq.
C. Michael Villar, Esq.
Jon Blair, Esq.
Donald Sopanos, Esq.
Chris Burnett
Peter Antkoviak
Patrick Burson
Dan Norbeck
Robert Champion
David Kiel
Jon Blair
Jim Goulooze
Fernando Bedevia

Committed to Family
My first priorities in domestic cases are children and families. As your judge, I see a wide variety of problems and concerns which directly impact the well being and safety of our children and families. I will continue to hold the best interest of our youth and their home environments as my highest priority.

John Baillargeon, retired Navy
Patrick and Sally Baillargeon, Navy Veteran
Theresa and Sam Piemonte
Ann and Jeff Gagen
Bernard Baillargeon
Tom and Lauren Baillargeon
Diane and Chris Wengelski
Mark Piemonte, USMC, (currently on 7th deployment in Afganistan) his wife, Shay and Jordyn, Honor, and Bree