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There is no one running against Judge Baillargeon in this election. This web-site is for informational and educational purposes only pending the completion of the election season. Judge Baillargeon would like to thank Allegan County for the trust and confidence placed in him by allowing him to continue to serve the citizens of Allegan County as District Court Judge.

I have the honor to serve as your Allegan County District Court Judge. As your judge, I uphold the laws of the state of Michigan as written, without bias or favoritism. I will continue to apply the Constitution and the laws of the state of Michigan equally to all.

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Member of Michigan Judges Association, Michigan District Judges Association, American Judges Association
Supported by other Judges

Hon. Harry Beach, retired, 48th Circuit Court (Allegan)
Hon. Jane Beckering, Court of Appeals
Hon. Curtis Bell, 9th Circuit Court (Kalamazoo)
Hon. Calvin L. Bosman, 20th Circuit Court (Ottawa)
Hon. Michael Buck, Allegan County Probate Court
Hon. William Buhl, 36th Circuit Court (Van Buren)
Hon. George Corsiglia, 48th Circuit Court (Allegan)
Hon. Barry Howard, retired, 6th Circuit Court Judge, former President Michigan Judges Association
Hon. Susan Jonas, 58th District Court (Ottawa)
Hon. Richard Kloote, 58th District Court (Ottawa)
Hon. Bradley Knoll, 58th District Court (Ottawa)
Hon. Edward R. Post, 20th Circuit Court (Ottawa)
Hon. Douglas B. Shapiro, Michigan Court of Appeals
Hon. Richard Shaw, retired, Probate Court (Barry)
Hon. Stephen Sheridan, retired, 57th District Court (Allegan)
Hon. Gary Stewart, retired, 57th District Court (Allegan)
Hon. Christopher Yates, 17th Circuit Court (Kent)
Hon. Margaret Bakker Allegan 48th Circuit Court Chief Judge (Allegan)
Hon. Donald Passenger, 61st. District Court (Kent)
Hon. Thomas Boyd, 55th District Court (Ingham)
Hon. Theresa Brennen, 53rd District Court (Livingston County)
Hon. Michael Hatty, 44th Circuit Court (Livingston County)
Hon. James Fisher, Chief Judge (Barry County, retired)

Outreach to Schools
In serving as your judge, I reach out to all schools across our county. I encourage reading programs and teach students about the functions of the courts and judges. I serve as a reading tutor at the Douglas Elementary School.

Robert Brenner
Sandra Brenner
Becky Burnett
Susan Busfield
Richard Cain, Board Member, Allegan Educational Services Agency
Wendy Colsen
Mark Dubois, Superintendent, Allegan Educational Services Agency
Kevin Harness, Superintendent Allegan Public Schools
Chelle Kastran
Kathy Kirby, Principal Fennville Elemenatary School
David Lyon
Michael O'Conner, Superintendent, Glenn Elementary School
Anne Parker
Jeff Raywood
Janet Schroeder
Tanya Sheridan
Sue Wakefield, Superintendent Plainwell Public Schools

Please go to for a forum on underage drinking that will take place at the Fennville High School.

Court in Schools Program
One unique way that Judge Baillargeon is able to reach out the students and young adults is the literally bring the court to them. Under the Court in Schools Program, he receives an order from the Supreme Court to transform the High School auditorium into the 57th District Court for the afternoon. Prior to the hearings, he meets with individual government and social study classes, taking questions from students and engaging them in a small group discussion setting allowing a personalized question and answer time. Once the students are assembled in the auditorium, he convenes court. Four to five individual defendants who have volunteered to appear before the school for sentencing are then called up, and their charges are read out--just like is done in the court room itself. The attorney for the prosecutor is asked for sentencing recommendations, as is the attorney for the defendant. Then the defendant is asked to explain to the students how it feels to be arrested and charged. These volunteer defendants are generally young people close in age to the students. They are extended community service credit for agreeing to participate in the Court in Schools Program. When the sentencing is completed, the court is adjourned and Judge Baillargeon invites the students to ask questions of the court staff, law enforcement officers and even the defendants.

Once the question and answer period is completed, the students are shown a program "Smashed". This is a high quality production created by HBO for Court in School use. It reveals the impact that accidents related to drinking have had upon students, friends and families. It is a powerful and emotional program that does not talk down to students, it has students talking directly to the students.

Involved in Community
As your judge, I am committed to remaining actively engaged in the community. I have worked with:

Professional Organizations
Allegan Citizen Police Academy
Michigan Coordinated Counsel on Domestic Violence
Allegan County Community Corrections Advisory Board
Allegan Bar Association
Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals
Sucide Prevention Task Force
Michigan Judges Association
Michigan District Judges Association
Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals
Sobriety Court Committee of MADCP

Service Organizations
United Way of Allegan County
Children's Museum of Fennville
Wings of Hope Hospice
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Sylvia's Place
Lion's Club
Various Chambers of Commerce throughout the county
Operation Injured Soldiers
Veterans groups, (VFW and American Legion)

St. Peter's Catholic Church, Lector
St. Peter's Catholic Church, Eucharistic Minister
Knights of Columbus, Douglas Council
Knights of Columbus, 4th Degree Bishop Greco counsel, Otsego
Forgotten Man Ministeries

Outdoorsmen Organizations
Fennville Rod and Gun Club
Ducks Unlimited
Whitetails Unlimited

Judge Baillargeon received the 2008 Community Service Person of the Year Award from the Allegan Chamber. Community Leaders and Citizens Support
Tony Garafolo, former Allegan County Republican Chair
Betty Evans
Art Shook, former Martin School Board President
Theresa Lynn-Non profit community work
M. J. Smith, Commander U.S. Coast Guard, retired
Pat Staley
Daniel Reid
Marcia & Doug Halloran
Cal "Johnny Cash" Klokkert, Hamilton
Lloyd & Karal Hoffman, Hamilton
Louis "Snuffy" Schmidt, Dorr
Mary "Rusty" Dutkiewicz, Dorr
Mimi Gabriel, Non profit community work
Mary Kasprzyk, Non profit community work
Bart & Sheila Shaw, Allegan
Marg Murphy, Community Volunteer
Tom Chapman
Sara Busfield
Tim Perrigo
James "Mike" McEwen, Esq.
James Burnett, Esq.
Stephan Kastran, Esq.
Emily Hill, Esq.
Michael Hill, Esq.
Kim Kotowski, Esq.
Roy Hebert, Esq.
Diane Goller, Esq.
Kelly Paige, Esq.
C. Michael Villar, Esq.
Jon Blair, Esq.